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Heavenly Bodies.

We are finite bodies
eternity written into our souls
from the dust we are formed
and our spirits
—one day to voyage back to it's Maker
for all that we see
with our natural eyes
temporal, transient

yet, we clamour with every beating breath
to preserve the beauty we find
but like a wildflower of the field
budding and blooming today
tomorrow, is soft decay
the sweet remnants of days gone by
haunting and colouring our present

is there hope for an eternal future?
where the flowers are forever in bloom
and the rose has never tasted the sting of death
surely, for our spirits know it well
a place where everything is made anew
every shadow eclipsed
by the bright morning star
it is there in this place we shall meet again
embracing as ones clothed in heavenly bodies

by Lola Ziggy


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