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NEW ORGANIC WINES MADE BY DOING ONLY WHAT IS NECESSARY | Pre-orders open now | On shelves Sept 2



Organic wines made by doing only what is necessary.

A simple concept. An ode to nature.

Convert a vineyard to organic, natural principles for maximum fruit quality. Allow that fruit to naturally turn into the truest wine version of itself that it can, intervening only when necessary—organic always. Release one red, one white, one rosé, ready to drink now. Repeat.


Wines that sequester more carbon than they produce.


One tree planted Every dozen sold.

Minimum is a proud partner of One Tree Planted, because we believe in planting trees. Our wines are vegan and raw. Our packaging is 100% recyclable or compostable and often made from 100% recycled materials itself. Our goal is minimum impact, minimum waste and true sustainability from vineyard to (and inclusive of) the bottle.



When nature and creativity are life’s priorities, life is good.


Made by family. Made with love.

We are father (Alister Purbrick / winemaker of Tahbilk Winery), son (Matt Purbrick / co-founder of Grown & Gathered / designer) and his wife (Lentil Purbrick / co-founder of Grown & Gathered / writer) and we have come together out of a mutual love for great wine, sustainable viticulture and creative winemaking practices and the collective belief that things can be done better.




This is Minimum.
Admirer of nature’s intellect.
Valuer of human insight.
Honourer of life’s everyday pleasures.