Business as a force for good

Accountability. Responsibility. Transparency.

We are humbled and proud to announce that since Feb 2022 we're now a certified B Corp!

At its core, B Corp is a robust and holistic measurement of a business's social and environmental impact.

For us, it's a way to step into more accountability and transparency over how we choose to do business.

Our commitment is to widen our aperture of care to become a far-more-than-sustainable business, and B Corp acknowledges and holds us to account for that promise.

Why B Corp?

Becoming a certified B Corp means we believe that:

A. We need to redefine the purpose of business and;

B. That this redefinition can be a positive impulse for a better future.


We believe we need a systems change in how we do business, away from extraction and towards regeneration. And we need to create a cultural container that acknowledges this fundamental transition in business ethics, purpose and potential.

For us, B Corp certification is that container. B Corp provides, we think, an excellent path to help challenge and promote best practices for businesses in this critical moment. It helps us with our internal framing about how and why we do what we do and who benefits/is affected by what we choose to do. It also lets you, our community, see exactly what's going on at Minimum with complete transparency.

Businesses should be like greenhouses; you can see inside from all angles, a space where healthy things are being propagated, things you can enjoy too, things that bring joy. That's why we're a B Corp; it's our commitment to always be better: for us, and for you.

We've been nominated as 'Best For The World' in 2022!

Each year, B Corp HQ recognise global B Corps who score in the top 5% within their different impact areas. In 2022 we have been recognised as being top 5% for our work with Community and the Environment. With only 71 businesses in Aus/NZ receiving the top 5% status, it's something we're pretty proud of, especially given we only became a B Corp in this year. Always more work to do, but what a beautiful beginning!

Minimum Organic Wines is a B Corp!

We score 129.4 on the B Impact Assessment. To learn more about what that means and to see the complete assessment:

Head here →