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When those are the walkative stars
That talked to the immediate prisoners themselves
When those are the talkative stars
That walked along the narrow sedge pathways
Yet those are lines to another star
That were to have been led for changelings
Around a dark dreambox of another kind
That houses our more talkative stars.

'Walkative, Talkative' by Alfred Starr Hamilton.

The Community Voice is our place to share the wonder of our community. You.

  • After an overwhelmingly wonderful flood of submissions for our special 2021/22 Summer zine, we decided to make all zines dedicated to our Community's (your) voices!
  • So, every season we now seek a diversity of submissions in response to our current topic.
  • You can approach the topic in whatever way you feel. Respond in text, sound, colour, photos, pixels; there are no boundaries. (Yes, we will find a way to print your sounds!)
  • Our current topic (for our upcoming Winter zine) is →PATHWAYS←
  • For you to channel the pathways that feel true to you;
    the ones that take you to yourself.
  • Submissions closed midnight Thursday, April 14, 2022.
  • But we will announce the next topic early May! Stay tuned :)

Each selected piece is:

  • Rewarded a 3-pack of our wines.
  • Featured in our riso-printed ZINE, here on our website, and shared with our community via our mailing list & social media.

Make a submission:


Terms & Conditions for selections:
Selections happen the week after the submission deadline and will be contacted within one week via email // We will send you a 3-pack of wines in exchange for your submission // Each selected piece will be featured in our printed zine, on our website + social media and shared with our mailing list // Thank you!

Latest selects:

  1. Herbal Infusion Iced Tea by Alexandra Stuart.

    Alexandra Stuart, a naturopathist, shares her herbal infusion iced tea.
    A recipe.
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  2. On Play: 'Woodend' by Freya Alexander.

    Freya Alexander, a writer, on hearing the Kookaburras calling.
    A poem.
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  3. On Play: 'one day when i grow up' by Ellie Waddingham.

    Ellie Waddingham, an actor and writer on growing up playful.
    A poem.
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  4. On Play: Amelia Fagence.

    Amelia Fagence, a designer and maker, explores play through balance.
    A sculptural artwork.
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  5. On Play: 'still havin fun' by Tegan Iversen

    Tegan Iversen, an artist, illustrator & curator.
    A hand-drawn artwork.
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  6. On Play: 'Playtime was' by Charlotte Grant.

    Charlotte Grant, a writer, on playtime nostalgia.
    A poem.
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  7. On Play: Mark Chu.

    Mark Chu, a multidisciplinary artist and writer, on play. 
    A painting. 
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  8. On Home: 'Home' by Karim Zayn.

    Karim Zayn, a communications designer and writer, on the dimensionality of home. 
    A micro-essay.
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  9. On Home: 'Home' by Kylie McCormack.

    Kylie McCormack, a poet, paints home. 
    A poem.
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  10. On Home: 'Full Circle at 27' by Asheda Weekes.

    Asheda Weekes, a writer and poet, on going full circle. 
    A poem.
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  11. On Home: 'Home Sweet Home' by Emily May & Sally Ann.

    Emily May & Sally Ann, a photographic pair, on being at home in the body.
    A still. 
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  12. On Home: 'Ancestors' by Emily Taylor.

    Emily Taylor, a poet, on the many hands of ancestry.
    A poem. 
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