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Ngamiy | Taungurung
(noun) /ngam-iy/

: Sun / Also used to describe the concept of a container for the sun in the sky just beyond the earth


Mad black formal sunflowers in the sunset,
spied on by our own eyes
under the shadow of the mad
locomotive riverbank sunset
Frisco hilly tincan evening sitdown vision.

– Excerpt from Sunflower Sutra by Allen Ginsberg

The Community Voice is our place to share the wonder of our community. You.

  • After an overwhelmingly wonderful flood of submissions for our special 2021/22 Summer zine, we decided to make all zines dedicated to our Community's (your) voices!
  • So, every season we now seek a diversity of submissions in response to our current topic.
  • You can approach the topic in whatever way you feel. Respond in text, sound, colour, photos, pixels; there are no boundaries. (Yes, we will find a way to print your sounds!)
  • Our last topic (for our current Summer zine) was →NGAMIY←, Taungurung for, 'Sun', also forming the base word for other words like Summer.
  • We are currently taking a short break from Community Voice submissions while we prepare a very special issue of our Autumn 2023 Zine (watch this space!).
  • We will be announcing our Winter 2023 topic when we launch that Autumn zine this coming March :)

Each selected piece is:

  • Rewarded a 3-pack of our wines (Please note that we can only send wine within Australia - but everyone, from anywhere, is still welcome to submit for the pure joy of it!)
  • Featured in our riso-printed ZINE, here on our website, and shared with our community via our mailing list & social media.

Next selection date.


Terms & Conditions for selections:
Selections happen the week after the submission deadline and will be contacted within one week via email // We will send you a 3-pack of wines in exchange for your (Please note that we can only do this for contributors based within Australia!) // Each selected piece will be featured in our printed zine, on our website + social media and shared with our mailing list // Thank you!

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