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Ziemia | Polish

: noun / : "soil", "land", "Earth"


You gave this soil to me,
and your hands were a gesture of rain in late August.

โ€“ Excerpt from Soil by Baker Bronwell

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  • Every season we seek a diversity of submissions in response to our current topic.
  • You can approach the topic in whatever way you feel. Respond in text, sound, colour, photos, pixels; there are no boundaries. (Yes, we will find a way to print your sounds!)
  • Our current topic (for our upcoming Spring zine) is โ†’ZIEMIAโ†, Polish for, soil / land / Earth.
  • Submissions closed midnight, Sunday July 30th.

Each selected piece is:

  • Rewarded a 3-pack of our wines (Please note that we can only send wine within Australia - but everyone, from anywhere, is still welcome to submit for the pure joy of it!)
  • Featured in our riso-printed ZINE, here on our website, and shared with our community via our mailing list & social media.

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Terms & Conditions for selections:
Selections happen the week after the submission deadline and will be contacted within one week via email // We will send you a 3-pack of wines in exchange for your submission if selected for the zine (Please note that we can only do this for contributors based within Australia!) // Each selected piece will be featured in our printed zine, on our website + social media and shared with our mailing list // Thank you!

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