Art for good.


November 12—14, 2021
Oigåll Projects
Fitzroy, VIC

We feel incredibly grateful for the privilege that it was to curate and host ARISE, a group exhibition of 13 artists, to raise awareness and funds for the Asylum Seekers Resource Centre (ASRC) in Naarm (Melbourne), Nov 12—14, 2021.

Over the weekend of November 12-14, artworks from the 13 artists were shown and paired with a public Instagram auction. All proceeds went directly to the ASRC to support their programs such as the Wise Women Sisterhood Journey, empowering women seeking asylum to discover who they are and who they want to become.

In conjunction with the exhibition, we launched our new Short Runs Field Rosé The Teller of Tomorrow, featuring label art by Katie Eraser (one of the 13 artists). $1 from the sale of every bottle produced will be donated to the ASRC, alongside all proceeds from the exhibition.

In total, we raised an incredible $17,400 for the ASRC! We were blown away by the support of both the artists and everyone who purchased artwork.

ARISE came about as a way to honour and hear the many voices of our community. To all of the artists, to the team at Oigåll Projects, and to the ASRC: THANK YOU all so much for being such amazing humans.

Conversations Fundraising Exhibition x Minimum Organic Wines 2022


December 2—4, 2022
Honey Bones Gallery
Brunswick, VIC

Conversations was our second group show of 20 artists exploring the innate interconnectivity between ideas, energies and people.

These dynamics have the ability to deepen eco-social communities, build synergies and evoke wild flares of creativity. And it's often accidental. Spontaneous. Unplanned. Elements might connect unexpectedly and click into a pattern. Or not. A vase and a piece of fruit on a table create a still life. Oil meets water and creates a rainbow. A yin forms a yang. A circle appears. Intentions, directional impulses, dialogues. An encounter between lovers. Two tones from two hands. A melody. Up at 2am. Talking. Gesturing. Merging. Diverging. Emerging. Urging. Entirely ordinary. Kind of extraordinary.

Raising funds to Pay The Rent, artworks from the 20 artists were on show and for sale, from Dec 24, beginning with an opening night party on the Friday, where we poured some vibey new releases. 

After ARISE a big learning was wanting to support and acknowledge the artists efforts and contributions, so for CONVERSATIONS:
50% of sales went directly to the artists.

50% of sales went directly to Pay The Rent.

2022 also had a very different feeling to 2021 in Australia (let's just say the vibe had turned a little less 'optimistic' for a moment), and as a result many pieces in this exhibition didn't sell. but we feel so grateful that we were still able to raise a $1,740 rent payment from the sale of artworks and decided to double it, to contribute a final rent payment of $3,480 to Pay The Rent.

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU, to the artists, to Honey Bones Gallery, to Molly Rose for your brews and sours, and to everyone who put in the mountain of time and energy that made this happen. Our cups are full of gratitude.