The Minimum team.

Mat Bate Minimum Organic Wines

Mat B

Words, metaphors, photos, regen farming, kelp enthusiast, dreaming of things you can't put into words, mouthfeel, gutfeel.

Chloe Minimum Organic Wines


Picture-taker, lover of craft, sacred knick-knacks, romantic friendship, excited squeals, soup and sauerkraut, feeling feelings.

Leigh Minimum Organic Wines


Fungi, yeast, bacteria, bonsai, ceremony, humble humour, keeping it small, working with hands, reggae, dub, roots.

Lentil Minimum Organic Wines


Poet, visions, intuition, motherhood, personhood, mindset coach, creative direction, ritual, reflection, becoming.

Matt Purbrick Minimum Organic Wines

Matt P

Ferment friend, father, designer, steward, lover of the commons, lots of cuddles, it's all about soil, everyone's welcome.