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I thought it would be more profound.
There are superficial things: Less makeup, more SPF, joking about botox, watching body parts change.
The beauty of feeling more like yourself.
The idea of being comfortable.
(Sometimes in your arms).
Like walking into a room and not feeling like you’re being watched.
Licking salt off the rim of a glass.
Seamless, enticing—and a little uninhibited.
Like a decision you don’t remember making.
There are superficial things:
Red wine on the couch, phone on airplane mode, joking about nights in.
Some nights I overthink myself to sleep.
We’re all the same, aren’t we?
But nothing beats a certain feeling.
(Like your teeth along my skin).
A secret pact to be nothing but ourselves.
There are superficial things:
Like the things you noticed that I never even realised you saw:
The freckles on my shoulder.
The way I bite my lip.
How I touch my collarbones when I’m nervous.
An audible exhale.
Like creating a life you actually want to live in.
Enough to buy a Travertine coffee table.
(As if that’s enough of a stake in the ground).
“I feel like we’re all on the cusp of something”.
The feeling of anticipation, points of threshold.
Direct, furious—and stubbornly ready.
(I didn’t see you coming).

by Taylah Kleid


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