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Kelso's Sandwich Shoppe presents:

The Classic Chop Cheese


- Beef/tofu/cauliflower
- Onion
- Cheese/vegan cheese 
- Butter/vegan butter 
- Baguette
- Mayo/vegan mayo 
- Tomato sauce
- Jalapeños
- Sliced tomato 
- Shredded lettuce


Add the desired amount of beef/tofu/cauliflower and onion to a hot hot plate or cast iron pan, chop it up together on the pan (you can use a sturdy spatula for this) while it all cooks through.

Once the beef/tofu/cauliflower is cooked, turn the heat off, put cheese on top and let it melt over.

Toast the buttered baguette until it’s golden, then top it with mayo, tomato sauce, jalapeños, tomato and shredded lettuce.

Final step; put the beef/tofu/cauliflower cheesy melt on the baguette and it’s ready to go! 



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