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“... and in that very moment, enriched in anticipation,
I remember everything.
Flashes. Days. Sun. Salt.  Eyes. Lace curtains flowing.
The scent of you. And absolutely nothing in between - only exactly it. All of it, in its remarkable kindness.
How many times I've coined it as something else, in foolish bids to remember it differently -
to fantasise as if I could live without it -
as if anyone could possibly live without it.
And now we know this melody,
We’ll hear it in all moments tender,
We’ll hear it in small sips of rosé & dusted trio recordings,
We’ll hear it in every union of soft lips,
We’ll hear it - even when we won’t want to hear it,
And we’ll sing it to those of pure beauty,
thirsting to hear it sung to us once more.”

Who is Maxi Roberts, AKA Hugh Klein?

Raised in Melbourne, following his ongoing career in film composition, Maxi found himself living in the city of Paris, and soon giving birth to his loveliest & most realised project yet…Hugh Klein.

Sourcing inspiration from romance, warm evenings, chilled red wine, floral scents, clothes waving & wrapping the curves of your body, gold & tobacco, "You go your way, I go your way too", low light amongst white flowers, fingertips & of course... the look of love. Hugh directs his musical exploration to his deliberate fascination with intimacy & romance. 

The coming record ‘No Plans, No Rules’ moves through themes of intimacy, adoration, the rebirth of desire & genuine romance. Engaging each mood with floating vocals & guitar, brushed percussion, lush string arrangements and rich Rhodes & Wurlitzer’s. 

Keep your ears peeled for Maxi's compositions, which we will be sharing with each new Short Run release this year.


Listen to Maxi's new single.

Follow him on IG here and here.