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Dialectic Of Why

Once sitting sun-soaked on Venice rooftops sipping Sangiovese
Now slipper soles, flannel shirts, couch-bound Friday lazy
Leaning into shoulder nooks, learning language constructed of “we”
Learning it all over again when two becomes three

Unspoken space slowly expands with the drift of all our days
Still resolute to remain fluent – draw closer in new ways

Discover dialect of sleep-soaked eyes, of shoot and miss but always try
of protection of the silent hopes, the tiny wins, a loud shared ‘why’

This language shifts, changes shape – we unravel, knit our new form and repeat
Learn – ourselves, the other, the definition of ‘close’ (is not concrete)

A language begging simply – to be protected at all costs
Here in the home-from-work unwinding hug – faith this language will never be lost.

by Ashleigh K Rose


This poem by Ashleigh K Rose is featured in our Spring Zine #9, in response to the Catalan word "acaronar", which means to pull someone closer to you.

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