ISSUE #10.

ISSUE #10.

It’s our poem.

—Eileen Myles

The Earth, from Evolution.



Højder - Bremer/McCoy


Højder - Bremer/McCoy

Another playlist filled with a good mix of ambient, downtempo, desert rock and electronica. Brand new music from Khruangbin and Carmen Villain/Yu Su, newish stuff from ambient producers Joseph Shabason and Bremer/McCoy and older stuff from Algerian Tuareg desert rock bands Tinariwen and Imarhan.

Drift away while you read...



“What we know is that we feel good out there.”

The healing power of nature is more than a nice idea, it’s supported by an extensive body of science. Geologist and former river guide, Rebecca Lawton, writes about her wild experiences guiding down the Grand Canyon and shinrin-yoku, the ancient Japanese practise of forest bathing.

Listen below or read here.

The healing forest 


When winter comes around we pull out all the blankets in the house, grab a bottle of red and put on a good movie. But what should we watch? Here’s five Indigenous films that changed the conversation in Australia. Put them on your list.

1. Samson & Delilah (pictured below).

2. Mabo.

3. Rabbit Proof Fence.

4. Goldstone.

5. Jedda.


Samson & Delilah



Huge news for music lovers, especially those wanting to support the Melbourne music scene; Skylab Radio launched their free digital radio app last week. Streamed live from Romantica Studios in Melbourne, Skylab have been giving an ear to local and underground music since 2018. Now you can stream radio shows and access their tight digital archive on your phone. Huge tip!

Download the app here →


Sky lab streaming


Extra bits.

1. A very good new film by A24 (still at the top of this issue).


2. Patagonia’s new (and wearable) recycled fishing net hats.


3. A good new Instagram account covering Australian history.

Un Monumental on Instagram


4. Are you sprouting yet?!


5. A good podcast on Indigenous birth rituals via Australian Birth Stories.

Indigenous Birthing Rites

Pic via Jane McCrae 


6. Legendary DJ and producer Kerri Chandler recently released a live performance for RA Sessions on a four-way, reel-to-reel tape deck. That’s right, he mixes with cassette tapes. We’ve never seen anyone do this. It’s wild.


___The end.