ISSUE #13.

ISSUE #13.

Music to dance to.
Poetry to drift to.
Choreography to shift you.
Sunlight to stun you.



Dance to the groove.


We have a new hand-bottled Short Runs Rosé dropping next week!
Get ready for it: by dancing to our hand-bottling playlist. Absorb it into your bones.



Reading Mary Ruefle is like going home.

Her poetry is often described as funny, dark, domestic and wild. Often about ordinary experiences like picking pinecones, her poems are both an ode and an antidote to getting stuck in the mundane. Trances of the Blast is humble and profound, written for times like these when we could all do with a reminder of the joy within the slow, simpler side of life. For fans of Mary Oliver or John Ashbery, you will adore this book.

This is poetry for lockdown. Bring this book into your home and it’ll feel warmer this winter. If you like it, Mary has a new collection coming out in Australia this December called Dunce too.

Mary Ruefle, Trances of the Blast, p11

Mary Ruefle, Trances of the Blast, p12

Mary Ruefle, Trances of the Blast, p23

Mary Ruefle, Trances of the Blast, p32

Mary Ruefle, Trances of the Blast, p33



Movement can inspire.

Watch this beautiful 3.43 minutes of choreography and you'll get what we mean.

If I Never Say A Word, by Matt Corby



NASA have taken a photo of the Sun every 12 seconds for the last TEN YEARS. The results are one of the most addictive wormholes we've ever fallen into.

At first we nearly walked past this decade-long documentary project. But once we started watching and reading about it, we soon realised just how incredible it was. Some of the 1,600+ comments on the main video alone are mind-bendingly thought-provoking.

TIP: If you watch it fast you can literally see the Sun beating like a heart (discovered by reading the comments).

Maybe open a bottle for this. There are a lot of trails to get lost down.

We highly recommend heading to the actual Youtube page for this one too, so you can read the full description. The Wonder starts there. Go →

___The end.