Do I dare,
Disturb the universe?

—T. S. Eliot



This weekend. Watch a film.

A documentary on “Australian Women in Rock & Pop Music”, by Lindy Morrison.
*You can also see a recent favourite of ours here: Her Sound Her Story.

Minimum wines - Australian women of music



A Self-Practice approach to the holidays.

EAT. Delicious, nourishing food. 
SLEEP. When your belly is full and eyes are heavy. 
DRINK. Delicious wine and enough water. 
REST. With a good book you've meant to read for months. 
SHARE. Memories and parts of yourself with others instead of gifts. 
RECEIVE. All of the above, fully. 

Thank you to Self Practice for the inspiration.

Minimum wines - Self practice



Tonight. Go outside. Click this link using your phone.

Minimum wines - Star gazer app



___The end.