ISSUE #21.

ISSUE #21.


The stars are beautiful,
so the eyes of my people.  


Autumnal soundscapes; wildflowers and mountains.
Music for this season of change 


The stars are beautiful,
So the eyes of my people.
Beautiful, also, is the sun.
Beautiful, also, a
re the souls of my people.

– My People by Langston Hughes

What is beauty to you? 
Draw, write, whisper; tell us what you think.  
The Community Voice submissions, on beauty, now open  ↴



Tahini + honey caramel, spice turmeric, brown sugar + cinnamon.

How to make the perfect at-home popcorn,
an artful recipe by Lunch Lady

Pair it with our 2020 'San Selvaggio 'Sangiovese'
and film recommendations from Very Good Films. ↴


We're starting to feel the soul of this vintage. 

The vines matured through Spring and Summer well, and the low temperatures meant a slow and steady ripening phase. 

Vintage is not only a time of harvest, and an entrance into fermentation, but also an exchange; the grapes are passed from farmer to winemaker. 

The grapes were welcomed into the winery as they were picked: first the whites, then the rosés and then – slowly, slowly – the reds. It's tremendously enjoyable to develop, year after year, a stronger connection to the true character of our grapes as they show themselves to us. Vintage is a time of reflection, of transformation and also of surprise as we experiment with new blends, new seasonal variations and new senses of the world. 

We're starting to feel the soul of this vintage, and we can't wait for you to taste it 




___The end.