ISSUE #22.

ISSUE #22.


Is the horizon within,
where I end
and you begin?


Being together; a flurry of arms and hair.
Music, to celebrate relationships with you 


"A selection of portraits documenting mothers and their maternal experience.

My hope is that by normalising the post partum body and the uncomfortable and difficult aspects of parenting children it might assist in helping women be more realistic in expectations they place on themselves, their bodies and their children."

– Photographer Lisa Sorgini.

What is mother?
Lisa Sorgini, documents the maternal



Trace past the curve of the Big Dipper's handle,
down through the bright orange star Arcturus,
and continue until you come to another bright star: Spica.

NASA's interactive night sky, showing you how to read constellations. 
Find Virgo, find a cluster of 2,000 galaxies, find the black hole's jet stream ↴



There's a meteor shower on May 7 called Eta Aquarids,
caused by the debris of Comet Halley,
that can be seen from Australia. 



___The end.