ISSUE #31.

ISSUE #31.


Speak until the
names of things 
need new ones. 



Music to have on hand when there are too many names and too many things  


Rebecca Thomassi is an Inuk woman interested in retaining the Inuit knowledge that her anscestors have observed and maintained. She travels into the land around Kangirsuk learning some of the 52 names for different types of snow that exist in Inuktitut. 

A short 6-min short film on the many names within one word ↴




"Proposing alternative narratives to the hegemonic ones we are caught in is the work and play of geopoetics."
– Erin Robinsong 

We've become totally enamoured by the Future Ecologies podcast
and this episode 'Geopoetics' is totally absorbing and translocating. 
Collaged from a live group dialogue, listen as the voices move through you like a river.
It's a thoroughly deep and powerful learning experience   



The city is language. There's so much more punctuation, there's so many conversations, there's so many interventions, there's so many overheard things, there's so many signs. It's just all other people and there's just so much collision and I think that's how I learnt to write."

– Eileen Myles.

Eileen Myles, the prolific American queer poet, takes NOWNESS on a walk through the place she's always called home, New York. 

It's only a short, 4-min film but Eileen cuts straight into the heart of beating poetry and discusses what poems are, how they emerge and how they finish. This is one of poetry's biggest living legends firing directly from the hip  





___The end.