Is it not true, my friend, that the river has very many voices?

Herman Hesse (Siddhartha).



Minimum Wines - Nils Frahm


No Step on Wing  - Nils Frahm

‘Empty’ is the new LP from Nils Frahm, a collection of solo piano recordings for isolation. Make sure you also check out the special video accompanying the LP, featuring a lot of snow and an entranced musician walking through the woods.

This week's playlist is a piano wonderland, with a little lift at the end to get things elevated 



"Thinking of a moment that would define this land
From a timepiece that was in someone’s pocket when the genocides began…
Variables in time collide and short-memory syndrome spanned
The familiarity of time looped
Finality of the Primitive…"

Samuel Wagan Watson
First published as ‘De´ja` vu V’ in Time and Memory
MAAS Media, Sydney, 2018.


Baranyi describes the concept of ‘yesterday’ in the language of the Eora.

On 29 April 1770 the Endeavour sailed into Kamay (Botany Bay) and the lives of Australia’s First Nations Peoples changed forever.

This video uses technology that enables us to move through time and space – showing us where we have come from, helping us understand the impact of our footprints on Country and showing us the night sky as it was seen from Kamay on the evening of 28 April 1770 — the last sky before contact.



A playlist of Irish instrumental music from the USA. 

Circa 1910–1940.

Pour a glass. Take your lover by the hand. It's time for a wee jig. 



South Korean photographer Myoung Ho Lee presents a meditation on the beauty of trees.

Minimum Wines - Tree… #2 (2011), by Myoung Ho Lee.

Tree… #2 (2011), by Myoung Ho Lee.

Minimum Wines - Tree… #4 (2013),  by Myoung Ho Lee.

Tree… #4 (2013),  by Myoung Ho Lee.


Extra bits.

A good concept:
Multi-species ethnography

“A more-than-human discourse that argues that all species – however small – have agency and import.” Read more.


A good book about indigenous thinking:

Tyson Yunkaporta's Sand Talk:


A good artist:
Heath Wae
Pictured on the cover of this issue mixing raw ochre, shot by Lisa Sorgini.

Minimum Wines - Heath Wae

Minimum Wines - Heath Wae

In studio, shots by Lisa Sorgini.

Minimum Wines - Heath Wae

House of Sand, 2020
Ochre, Raw Pigment and Oil on Linen, 137x157cm

Minimum Wines - Heath Wae

Lineage, 2020
Raw Pigment and Oil on Linen, 130x150cm

Minimum Wines - Heath Wae

Dualities, 2020
Palo Santo, Ochre, Raw Pigment and Oil on Linen, 137x157cm


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