OF ANOTHER WORLD: Your Cosmic Guide to 2022.

OF ANOTHER WORLD: Your Cosmic Guide to 2022.


Lentil Purbrick, intuitive mentor and mindset coach as well as our Co-Founder/Creative Director guides us ever so gently into 2022. 

There are things important to us all, and it's time to listen to our instincts. 


The hermit by Sophy Hollington


The hermit.

It's time to listen to your inner wisdom. As you begin to take your next steps forward, you may not know the how — the only way to know is by taking a step, then another.

Listen to whatever is pulling at your shirt corners. 

The question is, how will you support yourself while walking into the unknown?



Of Another World


Essential tips for entering 2022.

Who are you? 

You are unique. And most likely 2021 showed you that, as it pointed you in new directions, prompting you to realign with yourself, and now ends with a final statement: you are entering a new era of you.


∞ Tap yourself into something bigger. Create rituals. 



Make a ritual on each full moon to journal, "clearing out" whatever you were met with in the previous month. 

Prompt: acknowledge both your light and dark sides while you journal, giving them each a voice  try to listen without judgement to what they each have to say. 

∞ Figure out your "What" ∞


The new year (ideally on New Year's Day) is the perfect time to reassess your "What". 

What drives your decisions? What will drive them going forwards? 


Create a "no-thought" vision board, whether on Pinterest or cut-and-paste. Pick and choose what you are drawn to without much thought. 

When you are finished and your page is full, look at what you have created. Sense into what it speaks to overall  what drives you today? What will drive you for the way forwards? 


There is an unmistakable energy present for 2022. 

Your exploits will be successful; however, look out for times that call for protection of yourself. Especially on particular occasions, where many people are involved in the collective "you". There may also be an external or environmental event that will call for some self-care time. 

Something in particular will call for your attention in 2022, or you will be the one paid attention to.

The most important things for 2022:
Communication will be imperative to your success. And even more important will be the big events in your life  these will hold great significance and relate to your love/loved ones. 



* Oomancy is a traditional form of egg divination to predict fate and future.  


Q: I worry I will never feel content, there has been so much uncertainty, and I am happy where I live and what I do, but something is always niggling in the back of my mind. What do I do? 

A: Firstly, give yourself compassion for everything that has been and all the versions of you that have existed in 2021. They were helping and supporting you. 

For your way forwards; explore the instinct that is pulling at you. We often hold secrets, even from ourselves. 


Take yourself to a quiet space, try writing without thought or judgement— letting your subconscious do the work for you. Reflect on the words that fall onto the page. 







Written by our Creative Director/Co-Founder, Lentil Purbrick (BA, Intuitive Mentor & Mindset Coach). 
This guide is designed to be read as inspiration. Take what resonates with you

Credit: Tarot card by Sophy Hollington with David Keenan for Rough Trade Books.
Questions? mail@lentilpurbrick.com