WONDER:<br>Your February Horoscope.

Your February Horoscope.

February 2021 


By Minimum's Resident Astrologer, Emma Vidgen 


It's a short month, but what February lacks in calendar days, it makes up for in surprises. 

Theres a 'no more pretending' kinda feel this month, where situations or relationships that don’t feel aligned to who you are, or what you’re about, will reach boiling point. The themes and issues that begin to unfold this month will be an ongoing thread throughout 2021 – both personally and on a broader level. 



Adding to the vibe, Mercury – the planet ruling communication, travel, technology and cognitive function – is in retrograde. That means it’s a great time for reflection and review but might be a little sketchy when it comes to communications and technology. Back up data, take extra care with your devices and take a breather (preferably a night to sleep on it) before you send heavy emails. 



It’s also a time for intense Aquarian energy, which means that looking at things from a totally different perspective, finding freedom and connecting with kindred spirits will shape our decisions. Mentally, you should feel especially pragmatic and rational, but you might find it hard to switch off. Over-thinkers take note: this is a month to schedule plenty of time to do the things that help you get out of your head and come back to the present. 

Be kind to yourself this month. There's lots of changes on the horizon; take time to press the pause button. 



Feb 6
Consider the long game and don’t be afraid to try a new approach with your money or relationships.  

Feb 10
Brevity could cause a major rift. Tread gently to avoid people around you withdrawing. 

Feb 12
Set intentions to prioritise things that makes you feel more connected to community or friends. 

Feb 14
Head to the sea. Get out of your head and back into your body by getting into water, preferably alongside someone you love.  

Feb 16-24
The desire to start afresh and lay new foundations faces a major plot twist. The change of plans will become a key theme this year.  

Feb 18 
A snap decision based on recent developments could evoke an erratic response. 

Feb 19
A more flexible, fluid energy starts to diffuse the intensity of the past three weeks. 

Feb 21
A moment of clarity helps with a decision that’s been keeping you awake. 

Feb 27
If you’re still undecided about what to do next, tune in to your physical reactions and follow your gut – literally. 


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