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  • The Minimum Zine Issue #13.
  • The Minimum Zine Issue #13.
  • The Minimum Zine Issue #13.

The Minimum Zine Issue #13.

Complimentary copy of our latest zine included free with every order! If you'd like to be featured in our next zine, head over to our Community Voice page to submit. Thank you.

This issue is included in every order during Summer 2023/24.


(adj) /com.mon/

: people or things; shared by, coming from, living for.

Issue #13 features:

  • Photography by Chloe Hamilton

  • Prose by El Waddingham¬†

  • Poems by Aimee Sharkey and Nadia Gill¬†

  • Illustrations by Angharad Neal-Williams¬†

All selected pieces in this zine were submitted by our collective community, via The Community Voice, in response to the theme COMMON.

And as always, specially risograph printed by the beautiful Neighbourhood Press team (the RISO gods). 

With hope for your future explorations!
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