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Herbal Infusion Iced Tea

This tea infusion is perfect to use up those herbs that are going nuts in the garden at the moment [Autumn]. Just leave the herbs out in the sun to dry on a paper towel or cloth. If you don't have them in your garden you can grab some from your local health food store. 

The benefit of making it this way is you're getting the most out of these herbs. The longer you brew, the more constituents you get from the herbs – like minerals, medicinal actives and nutrients. 

This blend is a specific for anxiety and gut distress – perfect to aid digestion and provide a calm mental focus throughout the day. Mint has a cooling effect on the body, perfect for hot days. The mint can be subbed out for hibiscus which has a blood pressure lowering effect and tastes sweet, without the addition of sugar.  


- 6 tablespoons of dried chamomile 
- 6 tablespoons of dried lemon balm
6 tablespoons of dried mint
- Optional: 1 teaspoon of honey
1 litre glass jar 
- 1 litre of filtered water


1. Put your herbs into the bottom of the glass jar.

2. Cover with filtered water, and give a good shake to make sure the herbs are soaked.

3. Let it sit for 12 hours.

4. Strain and keep in fridge.

5. Serve over ice with some fresh mint. 

By Alexandra Stuart.



This recipe is featured in The Minimum Zine Issue #7.
'Herbal Infusion' illustration by Sacha Lovell.
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