FEEL: Stories for deeper listening.

FEEL: Stories for deeper listening.


We show up,
with our ears,


Poetry; life. 

A profoundly relevant insight into love and destruction;
Ocean Vuong in conversation with Krista Tippet. 

Ocean is a queer Vietnamese-American poet and author;
poetry lives on his lips 

Reciprocity; kinship.

"... reproduction of aliveness through contact; that's, as far as I can tell, how life works."

– Hannah Close

Writer, author and curator Hannah Close on the Team Human podcast;
on how we move from reciprocity to kinship ↴

Living; creation.

A favourite episode from a favourite podcast; 
Tyson Yunkaporta, one of Australia's finest Indigenous scholars, 
on his book Sandtalk and living stories of creation ↴


Invisible; hands.  

The first of an eight-part audio documentary masterpiece;
the hidden realities of rhino poaching in South Africa ↴



If you enjoyed Tyson's episode on the RegenNarration podcast above, he has his own podcast The Other Others, which is deep and fantastic.   

If you enjoyed Ocean Vuong's episode with Krista Tippet, check out Krista's interview with Nobel physicist Frank Wilczek, it's an unbelievably moving meditation on ideas and beauty, and the beauty in ideas. 

Or, for something a little humorous and leftfield, take a listen to 99% Invisible's episode called 'Whomst Among Us Has Let The Dogs Out', a tremendous piece of journalism on the crazy origin story of that song that got stuck in everyone's head. It's a lot of fun. 





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