ISSUE #28.

ISSUE #28.


Between the breath, 
past and future, breathing,
– dying, to breathe.



Music for kitchen-sink conversations. 


"The humpback whale song from the West Australian population turned up in the East Australian population and suddenly took over the song there. No one had ever seen these song revolutions before ... what we found with this "one-off" actually turned out to be this whole dynamic song transmission across the ocean basin."

– Dr Ellen Garland

Watch Dr Ellen Garland's incredible discovery of whale song revolutions that potently shape and re-shape whale cultural identity across the Pacific ↴


"Read left to right, right to left, top to bottom, outside to in and back again. Let verbs become nouns and nouns disappear into the wilderness."

– Luke Patterson.

Powerfully displayed by Running Dog (the online arts publication), Luke Patterson's Illawarra Wandering takes us on a multi-sensory poem journey, complete with field recordings that you can layer and re-layer yourself. Headphones recommended for the full experience.

Full poetry immersion: Illawarra Wandering ↯



Let the thinking mind take a beat, explore futuristic gardens;
dissolve into this hypnotically warping infinite painting.

Prepare yourself: Arkadia loop ↯



Nikolaus Baumgarten, creator of the infinite loop painting "Arkadia" above, has a few other wild worlds to pull yourself into. Check out Zoom Quilt #1 and Zoom Quilt #2


___The end.