ISSUE #29.

ISSUE #29.


the sole,
and little bits,
of Earth. 



Music for walking in the sun and *not* getting rained on 


"The heating planet is our commons. It holds us all. To address and reverse warming requires connection and reciprocity."


Taken a plunge into, award-winning author and regenerative juggernaut Paul Hawken's web offshoot from his new book 'Regeneration'.
Big giant tick from us on this one, it's immense. 

Head to the website: Project Regeneration ↯



"It's really something else very beautiful. Like dance, an art of the body. And you can see that in Charles' style."

– Christophe Laumone.

Spend a totally enchanting 29 minutes in Fontainebleau, the birthplace of bouldering, with a barefoot climber called Charles Albert, who is changing what it means to climb rocks. 

Short film: Barefoot Charles ↯



"They watch the art.
They watch you watch the art.
But who watches what the art does to them?"

– Osmosis.

No one spends more time around the world's most famous artwork than the security guards who protect it. Did you know many of them are artists?
Watch this stunning 3-min short film on the artists guarding art 


OSMOSIS from Gentle Cowboys on Vimeo.


___The end.