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  1. ISSUE #38.

    Soaking: Making do, a hint of warmth. ◯ Listen. Music for soaking in it   ↴ Think. “Pleasure is not one of the spoils of capitalis...
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  2. ISSUE #37.

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  3. ISSUE #29.

    the sole,
    and little bits,
    of Earth. 

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  4. ISSUE #14.

    Flowers unfurling, and arms outstretched. And as all the windows and doors open, we hear music. And it says, 'Hello, Spring, we love you.'

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  5. ISSUE #11.

    Hands are unbearably beautiful. They hold on to things. They let things go. —Mary Ruefle

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  6. ISSUE #3.

    Living your truth, dance like an Italian and the mysteries of our ancient Australians.
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