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  1. WONDER:
    How grapes become wine.

    Wine is a magical process of transformation; grapes become wine. Here’s how the magic happens.

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  2. WONDER:
    Your February Horoscope.

    Theres a 'no more pretending' kinda feel this month and the intense Aquarian energy demands fresh perspectives and new alignments.
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  3. ISSUE #19.

    To be neither glorious 
    nor inglorious, but real. 
    Held, holding.  

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  4. WONDER:
    Your 2021 horoscope.

    What's in store for you in 2021.
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  5. ISSUE #18.

    Hugging, laughing, crying – 
    in the long grass
    by the river with you

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  6. ISSUE #17.

    Here is that rainbow,
    I’ve been praying for.

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  7. ISSUE #16.

    To touch, to hold, to teach
    not with clenched fist
    but tender reach.

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  8. ISSUE #15.

    Closed eyes, looking into the heat of the sun. 
    Bare skin, full glasses empty –
    things are looking up.

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  9. ISSUE #14.

    Flowers unfurling, and arms outstretched. And as all the windows and doors open, we hear music. And it says, 'Hello, Spring, we love you.'

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  10. ISSUE #13.

    Music to dance to.
    Poetry to drift to.
    Choreography to shift you.
    Sunlight to stun you.

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  11. ISSUE #12.

    Indigenous wisdom as a path to healing, walking 4,300 km across a country and freediving into the ethereal depths.
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  12. ISSUE #11.

    Hands are unbearably beautiful. They hold on to things. They let things go. —Mary Ruefle

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